Zuo Ci 4
Zuo Ci 左慈

Strange Door 奇门
When any player uses a peach, Zuo Ci can compete with that player.  If Zuo Ci loses, that peach recovers two health.  If Zuo Ci wins, the peach is discarded, and Zuo Ci choose one of the following:
1- Zuo Ci can choose any player to recover one.
2- Zuo Ci can choose a player within the target's attack range.  They then lose one health.

Flee 遁甲
When Zuo Ci is targeted by a non delay tool card, he can do a judgment.  If it is a club, the tool does not work to him.  If it is a heart, Zuo Ci can redirect to anyone else.  
  •  If Zou Ci redirects a card such as Barbarians, the lucky player he selects will have to play an Attack for himself and then an Attack for the turn given to them by Zuo Ci.