Zuo Ci 2
Zuo Ci 左慈
Elegant God 雅帝

Sudden Rise 崛起
 When Zuo Ci is damaged by another player, he acquires all powers of the player that hurt him.  This lasts until he is damaged again.

Road of God 神道
 Before Zuo Ci is damaged by another player, he can throw a red hand card to avoid the damage.  Then he and the other player swap general cards.
  •  If Zuo Ci is damaged by Lightning, he loses his "Sudden Rise" powers.  He must be damaged by a player to absorb their abilities.  
  •  If Zuo Ci has copied a power that seemingly conflicts with another power already present, the powers function in order of seating.  First the the player whose turn it is, then it goes from there in every conflict.  
  •  Zuo Ci always retains "Road of God", even after copying other player's powers.  
  •  When Zuo Ci swaps general cards with a player, that is what is exchanged.  Zuo Ci becomes whomever the other player was and the other player is now Zuo Ci.  Both players may have a new gender, maximum health, alignment, etc.  The current health of each player does not change however.  The exception is if Zuo Ci swaps with a four health character.  The other player cannot have more blood than their maximum health.  If Zuo Ci swaps with the king, the king will still keep their +1 to their maximum health.