Zhang Zhong Jin
Zhang Zhong Jing 张仲景

Prescription 方剂
 When Zhang Zhong Jin's attack causes damage, he has the following choice.  
1- He can make the target lose one blood or recover one blood.
2- He can ask the target to draw or discard X cards.  X is the blood that the target has already lost.

Theory 论治
 Zhang Zhong Jin can put a card in front of any player, and the situation follows:
Heart- The target is not affected by black attacks.  
Diamond- The target is not affect by non-delay black tools.
Club- The target is not affected by delay tools.
Spade- The target is immune to damage.  
A player cannot have more than one card at any time.  The cards are discarded at the beginning of the target's turn.
  •  Zhang Zhong Jin can cause the targets to lose health rather than take damage.  Retaliatory abilities then cannot be activated.