Zhang Jiao 2
Zhang Jiao 张角
General of Heaven 天公将军

Lightning Strike 雷击
Whenever Zhang Jiao plays an escape, he can select any character and have them flip a judgment. If it is black, they are dealt one unit of lightning damage and Zhang Jiao heals one.

Dark Magic 鬼道
After a judgment is flipped, Zhang Jiao can discard any black card to replace the judgment card. The original card that was flipped then goes into Zhang Jiao's hand.

Amber Sky 黄天
King Ability: Other heroes can give Zhang Jiao one escape or lightning during their turn.
  • "Dark Magic" and "Amber Sky" are the same powers as the original version of Zhang Jiao.
  • "Lightning Strike" is very similar to the original version of Zhang Jiao, but this one causes one less damage to the target and heals Zhang Jiao one as well.
Alternate Appearances:
Zhang Jiao 3