Yuan Shu 4
New Yuan Shu 袁术
Ever Increasing Ambition 野心漸增

Treason 妄尊
At the beginning of the king's turn, New Yuan Shu can draw a card. If he does, the king's hand card limit is reduced by one during their next discard phase.

Diseased 同疾
If New Yuan Shu's hand card number exceeds his current health level, characters who have him in their attack range must target him with every Attack that they play. (Enforced)
  • When New Yuan Shu activates "Treason," he draws a card before the king's judgement phase.
  • Note that "Treason" does not permanently decrease the king's hand card limit at the end of their discard phase. It only decreases it by one on the turns in which New Yuan Shu activates it.
  • Note that "Diseased" is enforced. New Yuan Shu cannot 'turn off' this ability, and neither can the characters who have him in their attack range.
  • "Diseased" has no effect on characters that cannot reach New Yuan Shu.
  • In the most recent version of QSanGuoSha, there is a glitch that occurs when New Yuan Shu dies. The game sometimes does not allow other characters to play Attacks on each other because "Diseased" remains in effect after New Yuan Shu's death. This was not the intent of the creators of this card.

Strengths Weaknesses 
  • "Treason" makes New Yuan Shu a strong rebel against most king choices, especially those who have a base maximum health level of three (Cao Pi, Yuan Shu, and Zhang Jiao) and those who have few units of health remaining. 
  • "Treason" gives New Yuan Shu a card advantage of one each round he uses it. 
  • "Diseased" can be used to protect teammates from being attacked. If enemies have one of your weak teammates and you in their attack range, they can only choose to attack you if "Diseased" is in effect.
  • "Treason" is weak against a few popular king choices (see 'Notable Combinations').
  • New Yuan Shu is almost always constrained to being chosen as a rebel because "Treason" is usually detrimental to the king. 
  • "Diseased" can cause huge problems for New Yuan Shu and his team. If an ally has both New Yuan Shu and an enemy in their attack range, they are unable to attack their enemy if "Diseased" is in effect.

Notable Combinations:
  • Liu Bei (especially with Liu Bei as king) - Liu Bei's "Kindness" allows him to give his hand cards to his allies. As a result, New Yuan Shu's "Treason" is weak against him as king since Liu Bei's hand card limit is not very important. Additionally, Liu Bei can give New Yuan Shu useless cards to activate "Diseased." However, if New Yuan Shu is a loyalist/spy, he can activate "Treason" to gain a card advantage without significantly weakening Liu Bei, making them strong allies.
  • Yuan Shao (as king)- Yuan Shao's "Bloodline" increases his hand card limit by two for each neutral character in play. Since New Yuan Shu is a neutral character, Yuan Shao's hand card limit is increased by two. If New Yuan Shu uses "Treason," the net difference in Yuan Shao's hand card limit is positive one, making New Yuan Shu a poor rebel choice. As with Liu Bei, New Yuan Shu is good ally to Yuan Shao.
  • Dong Zhuo (as king) - Dong Zhuo's large health limit makes it difficult for him to end with as many cards as he has units of health at the end of his turn. As a result, "Treason" does not seriously impact him at higher health levels. At lower health levels, it will have an impact.
 King New Yuan Shu is a serviceable king choice. He can activate "Treason" to essentially draw three cards at the beginning of his turn while decreasing his hand limit by one. If he draws cards that he can use immediately, the decrease in hand card limit is not a big deal for him. 
 LoyalistNew Yuan Shu is a serviceable loyalist pick if the king is Liu Bei, Yuan Shao, and Dong Zhuo. Otherwise, New Yuan Shu is an incredibly bad loyalist pick, as his main ability negatively impacts the king.
 RebelNew Yuan Shu is strongest as a rebel so long as the king is not any of the previously mentioned king choices. Hopefully, New Yuan Shu is close to the king's immediate right so he can end his turn with a number of hand cards equal to his health limit so "Diseased" does not go into effect. New Yuan Shu is particularly strong against kings with a base health level of four such as Zhang Jiao, Cao Pi, and Liu Shan as their hand card limit is already low to begin with. 
 SpyNew Yuan Shu is a poor spy choice in most cases. "Diseased" will call attention to him and he will be the target of Attack more frequently than most spy choices.

Final Remarks:
New Yuan Shu has some merits, but he is no replacement for the original. The original Yuan Shu was one of the best characters in the game, and he could handle most roles well. New Yuan Shu is mainly useful as a rebel. When using him, it is always important to be conscious of the number of hand cards you have, your distance from your allies, your distant from the rebels, and your distance from the king's immediate right. "Diseased" has the potential to prevent other rebels from attacking the king if New Yuan Shu is in their attacking range. As a result, it is better if you use as many cards as possible during your turn so "Diseased" does not go into effect after you use "Treason." New Yuan Shu seems to be best when the king is very low on health.