Xu Shu 2
Xu Shu 徐庶
Heroic Guest 侠客

Humane Justice 仁义
 For every unit of damage that Xu Shu receives, he can discard a card from who hurt him.  For every blood another player gives him, he can allow them to draw a card. 
Cool Head 沉着
 Before any player performs a judgment, Xu Shu can discard a heart.  The judgment is then skipped.  
  •  When Xu Shu is damaged, he gets to choose the card to discard.  This can be from the hand or something equipped.  
  •  Xu Shu cannot allow himself to draw a card from healing himself. 
  •  When Xu Shu skips a judgment, it is like it never happened.  For lightning and other pending cards, they stay on top of a player, but their effects are put off.  If he cancels a player's Eight Trigrams judgment, the player will then have to play an escape, as if they decided to not flip a judgment.