Wang Yun
Wang Yun 王允

Resist 顽抗
At the beginning of his turn, if Wang Yun is damaged, he returns to two blood.

Execute Rouse 决计
Once per turn, Wang Yun can discard one card to ask any player to show to top two cards of the deck.  For each spade, Wang Yu chooses a player in the target's attacking range and they get hurt one.  

Legacy 遗风
 Wang Yun can choose not to draw at the beginning of his turn.  Then at the end of his turn, he draws half the number of living players, rounded down.
  •  For "Execute Rouse", Wang Yun can choose anyone, including himself.  Then for every spade, he damages a player in the target's attacking range.  If they are both spades, he can choose to damage two players or damage one player twice.  The damage is given at the time the card is flipped over, one by one.  The cause of the damage is the player that flips the cards over.