Ten Eunuchs
Ten Eunuchs 十常侍
Eunuchs Acting in Politics 摄政的宦官

National Disaster 祸国
When any player plays a peach, before it works, the Ten Eunuchs can give them a diamond from their hand.  Then the peach is discarded.

Excess 弄权
Once per turn, the Ten Eunuchs can take a hand card from any player with more blood.

Evil Talent 奸佞
The Ten Eunuchs' hand card limit is always -1.
  • The Eunuchs must give a diamond from their hand for "National Disaster".  It cannot be an equipped card.  This card then goes into the target's hand.  Everyone sees this card in the transaction.  The target does not regain any blood from their peach.
  • The Eunuchs can use "Excess" at any point during their action phase.  The other player must have more blood at that point however.
  • The Eunuchs can hold up to one less than their current blood.  So if they have four blood, they can end their turn with only three.  More critically, if they have one blood, they cannot hold on to any cards.