Sima Hui 5
Sima Hui 司马徽
Mister Water Mirror 水镜先生

Tutelage 授业
Sima Hui can discard a red hand card and pick up to two other characters. These characters draw one card each.

Doubts 解惑
After seven cards have been drawn from Tutelage, Sima Hui reduces his maximum health limit by one. He can then use Tutelage only once per turn. He then gains Teacher's Grace.  When other characters use non-delay tool cards, they can allow Sima Hui to draw one.
  • Sima Hui can use "Tutelage" as often as he likes during his turn until he activates "Doubts".
  • "Doubts" activates when seven cards are drawn from "Tutelage".  This means it will activate much sooner if Sima Hui targets two people with "Tutelage" each time.
  • Sima Hui cannot use "Tutelage" on himself.
  • When "Doubts" activates, any player using a non-delay tool can allow Sima Hui to draw a card.  It is not limited to the players which he targeted with "Tutelage".
  • If "Doubts" activates in the middle of his turn, Sima Hui cannot continue to use "Tutelage" since he would have already used it that turn.