Sima Hui 2
Sima Hui 司马徽

Appreciation 知人
Sima Hui can put a hand card on any player as a delay tool card.  If the judgment matches the suit of the card then it takes effect.  If it is a heart, they recover one.  If it is a spade, they draw two.  If it is a club, they cannot use any tool card during their turn.  If it is a diamond, they cannot use an attack during their turn.  

Mr. Alright 皆好
Outside of his turn, if Sima Hui has the least hand cards, he cannot be targeted by attacks and duels.
  • Sima Hui can put any hand card on any player, even himself.  If the suit of the judgment does not match the suit of the card that Sima Hui used, the judgment then does nothing.  If the suits do match, then the judgment does have the effect depending on the suit of the card that Sima Hui used.  
  • "Mr. Alright" is very similar to Zhuge Liang's "Empty City".
  • If Sima Hui is tied for the fewest hand cards with other players, he does get the benefit of "Mr. Alright".