Pang Tong SP
SP Pang Tong 庞统
Lofty Man of Jiang Chu 荆楚之高俊

No Work 漫卷
Whenever Pang Tong acquires hand cards, he discards these cards. If it is his turn, he takes a card with the same number from the discard pile and puts it in his hand.

Inebriated 醉乡
Once per game, at the beginning of his turn, Pang Tong can flip over three cards of the deck and place them in front of his character. Pang Tong cannot play or be affected by cards of these types. At the beginning of every subsequent turn, Pang Tong takes another three cards. This process continues until Pang Tong has two cards of the same number.  Then, all these cards move into his hand. 
  • "No Work" is not designated as 'enforced,' but SP Pang Tong cannot 'turn off' this ability. Why is a mandatory ability not listed as 'enforced'? The reasoning for this is that SP Pang Tong must discard hand cards whenever he receives them, but if this happens during his turn, he can choose to not draw cards of the same number. If you think that this is poor reasoning behind this choice, rest assured that we agree with you.
  • Note that "No Work" prevents SP Pang Tong from acquiring any hand cards outside of his turn. All hand cards that SP Pang Tong acquires are immediately placed in the discard pile. This includes cards given to him by Liu Bei's "Kindness," Xun Yu's "Eternal Loyalty," Cao Pi's "Exile," Lu Su's "Alliance," and other applicable abilities.
  • "No Work" does not prevent SP Pang Tong from directly acquiring equipment in his equipment area via Wu Guo Tai's "Exposure," Zhang He's "Clever Change," and Zhang Zhao & Zhang Hong's "Direct Instruction."
  • When SP Pang Tong activates "No Work" during his turn, he can choose to place the card he initially drew into his hand. In fact, if there are no other cards in the discard pile with the same number as the one he originally drew, he must place the original card in his hand. 
  • When SP Pang Tong has activated "Inebriated" and has a certain type of card in front of his character card, he cannot play cards of that nature in any capacity. For example, if he has only basic cards in front of his character card, he cannot play Attacks during his turn and he cannot play an Attack in response to Barbarians and simply takes damage from this card if it is not Negated for him. Additionally, if other characters target him with an Attack, he cannot play an Escape, but he suffers no damage because the Attack has no effect on him.
  • If SP Pang Tong is put on the brink of death with basic cards in front of him via "Inebriated," he cannot be saved via a Peach as it is a basic card and has no effect on him.
  • If SP Pang Tong has equipment in his equipment area then acquires equipment cards in front of his character card via "Inebriated," the equipment no longer provides any benefits for him as they no longer have any affects on him.
  • Note that SP Pang Tong cannot end "Inebriated" on his own volition once he has activated it. The ability must run its course and it ends when he gains two cards of the same number in front of his character card.
  • The cards that SP Pang Tong places in his hand card via "Inebriated" are not affected by "No Work." In other words, he must take these cards as they are into his hand and he cannot exchange them for cards of the same number.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • "No Work" can give SP Pang Tong incredible draw power during his turn. He can select cards like Draw 2, Chains, Steal, and even Coerce to 'propagate' the cycle of drawing cards during his turn. Once he acquires the Crossbow, he is all but unstoppable.   
  • When the discard pile is almost full, SP Pang Tong has an incredible number of options for cards that he can take during his turn. 
  • If SP Pang Tong acquires a basic and a tool card in front of his character card via "Inebriated," he is only vulnerable to character abilities for the duration of the ability. This makes it nearly impossible for other characters to damage him unless they have direct-damage inflicting abilities. 
  • "No Work" requires that all other characters see the cards the SP Pang Tong draws during his turn, giving him no privacy.
  • If SP Pang Tong acquires basic cards but not tool cards in front of his character card via "Inebriated" he is in a very vulnerable position. He can be targeted by damaging tool cards like Barbarians and Hail of Arrows, but he cannot respond to avoid damage. If he dies in this state, he cannot be saved via a Peach.
  • SP Pang Tong cannot acquire hand cards outside of his turn.
  • When the discard pile does not have many cards, SP Pang Tong has few drawing options.

Notable Combinations:
  • Cao Pi/Xiao Qiao - Cao Pi can "Exile" Pang Tong and Pang Tong does not get the benefit of drawing cards. Similarly, Xiao Qiao can pass Pang Tong damage via "Fantasy" and he does not get to keep the X cards that he draws if this happens to him outside of his turn.
  • Lu Su/SP Diao Chan/Sun Jian/Fa Zheng - These characters have abilities in which they either force a target to discard cards or take cards from a target then either have to allow them to draw cards or give them cards. "No Work" prevents SP Pang Tong from acquiring hand cards, so he will lose hand cards then not acquire any back, mitigating the weaknesses of these other characters' abilities. 
 KingSP Pang Tong is a fair king choice. He sometimes works well, but he has few defensive abilities to help him survive against rebels' assaults.
 LoyalistSP Pang Tong is a good loyalist pick. When he kills rebels during his turn, "No Work" helps him draw the right cards to propagate the card-drawing cycle. However, beware that using "Inebriation" will take him out of the game for a period of time during which he cannot help the king stay alive. 
 RebelSP Pang Tong is a great rebel pick. He can keep a low profile via "Inebriation" then turn all of his cards against the king and possibly kill him in one turn.
 SpySP Pang Tong is a good spy pick. Again, he can keep a low profile via "Inebriation" and stay alive. "No Work" is useful when turning the tides of battle at the critical moment when one team gains a large advantage. 

Final Remarks:
Much like SP Zhao Yun, SP Pang Tong is a horribly unbalanced character. With two confusing and overpowered abilities, we recommend that you not pursue acquiring this character unless you are a collector of these cards. He does not seem powerful when reading his abilities, but using him in a match reveals just how powerful he is. The strength in his abilities is that he gains a large amount of cards in a short amount of time. After two or three turns of acquiring cards via "Inebriated," he gains six to nine cards, then he can draw Draw 2, Steal, and Chains. He can then use these cards to draw more Draw 2, Steal, and Chains cards. Along the way, he can acquire many Attack cards and finish most if not all of the characters in play if he has the Crossbow. 

Alternate Appearances:
Pang Tong SP 2