Pan Feng 5
Pan Feng 潘鳳
Unparalleled Hero

Strong Axe 烈斧
When a target escapes Pan Feng's attack, he can force the attack to deal damage. Afterwards, Pan Feng must discard X cards or the target will draw Y cards.   X being the difference between the target's maximum and current health levels after the damage was dealt and Y is the current health level of the target after the damage is dealt, with a maximum value of 5.

  • Note that when Pan Feng activates "Strong Axe," X and Y are calculated after the attack damages the opponent.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • "Strong Axe" gives Pan Feng two options on how to make his Attack neutralize an Escape. If the Attack would leave the opponent with many units of health remaining (and hence X is large), he can discard few cards to make the Attack deal its damage. Likewise, if the Attack would leave the opponent with few units of health remaining, Pan Feng can allow the opponent to draw Y cards.
  • "Strong Axe" works well with some weapon abilities. For example, when Pan Feng uses the Ice Blade to attack an enemy at full health, he can force the Attack to land and choose to discard two of the enemy's cards by preventing the damage caused. Since the opponent remains at full health, Pan Feng can choose to discard zero cards (since X is zero). When Pan Feng has the Serpent Spear, he can use "Strong Axe" each time he attacks and the Attack is neutralized with an Escape, allowing him to do multiple units of damage in one turn. 
  • "Strong Axe" works well for killing enemy characters. If an enemy dies after "Strong Axe" is activated on them, Pan Feng needs not to discard any cards, as he can simply allow the dead enemy (with no units of health) draw Y cards, in which Y is zero.
  • Pan Feng has few advanced tactics to employ. His one and only ability relates to his Attacks. If Pan Feng has no Attack cards or cannot reach any enemies, this ability is useless to him and his team.
  • "Strong Axe" is not very useful against enemies with four or more units of health who are about to be 'in the middle' of their health range after Pan Feng's Attack. For example, if Pan Feng is attacking an enemy with a max health level of four in such a way that their current health level will become two, Pan Feng can either choose to discard two cards (which is equivalent to the ability of the Axe) or allow the enemy to draw two cards (which is equivalent to Guo Jia's "Bestowed Rouse"). Neither of these two options are outstanding.

Notable Combinations:
  • Chen Gong - Chen Gong's "Brilliant Scheme" can be used to help Pan Feng acquire more Attack cards and also attack more frequently, giving him more opportunities to use "Strong Axe."
  • Dong Zhuo/Hua Xiong/God Lu Bu/God Gaun Yu - These characters have many units of health. As a result, "Strong Axe" will not be effective against them when Pan Feng attacks them in such a way that they would be in the middle of their health range. This may be a useful strategy if they are on Pan Feng's team (if Pan Feng choose to let them draw Y cards after they play an Escape), but they also have leverage against Pan Feng if they are on the opposite team.
  • Cai Wen Ji - Cai Wen Ji's "Lament" activates when characters are damaged by Attacks. Since Pan Feng's only ability is to force his Attacks to cause damage (by paying a price of some sort), Cai Wen Ji has a degree of leverage against him.
  • Liu Shan/Yue Jin - These characters have abilities that make it more difficult for other characters to attack them. This makes it more difficult for Pan Feng to damage them via "Strong Axe."
  • Xiahou Dun/Fa Zheng/New Fa Zheng/Guo Jia/Xun Yu - These characters have retaliatory abilities and/or damage-activated abilities. Since "Strong Axe" requires Pan Feng to already pay a price of some sort (no matter which option he chooses), it may not be worth it to use this ability against these characters since they can activate their abilities when he damages them.
KingPan Feng is a poor king choice. A king needs to be able to do more than power up their Attacks.
LoyalistPan Feng is a serviceable loyalist. "Strong Axe" is good against rebels, especially if they are low on health and about to die.
RebelPan Feng can be a good rebel pick, so long as he uses "Strong Axe" at the right times against the king. It is best when the king will have either many units of health remaining or few units of health remaining. Shy away from using this ability on the king when he is 'in the middle' of his health range, as Pan Feng will have to either discard many cards or allow the king to draw many cards. In cases like these, see if you can attack a loyalist instead.
SpyPan Feng can be a serviceable spy. He can always cause damage to the winning team whenever necessary so long as he has an Attack.

Final Remarks:
3D Pan Feng is a serviceable addition to San Guo Sha. "Strong Axe" is powerful when used correctly, but it is unfortunate that he has no other advanced strategies. He ends up being about as powerful as Huang Zhong and slightly less powerful than Ma Chao and Pang De.