Lu Bu
Lu Bu 吕布
Embodiment of Force 武的化身

Matchless 无双
When Lu Bu attacks a player, they must use an additional escape to stop the attack.  When Lu Bu duels another player, they must use an additional attack every round of the duel.
  • When defending against Lu Bu with the Eight Trigrams, the judgments are done one by one.  If the first judgment fails, the defender must throw an Escape before they perform the second judgment.
  • A defender must always use an additional Escape when attacked by Lu Bu.  Lu Bu does not have the choice.  This is also true when a character duels Lu Bu.
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Lu Bu is a monster when he attacks someone directly.  Most of the time, players will rather take the damage than spend two cards to stop it.
  •  Lu Bu is one of the best to use Wine.  When players hold on to an Escape for emergencies, it won't be enough.  
  • If Lu Bu has the Crossbow, he can punish people since they can't stop all the attacks.
  • When a player has only one blood left, they will have the problem.  Keeping a single Escape in they're hand will do nothing for them.  They will have very limited options for what cards to keep.
  • Lu Bu does not have any defensive characteristics that help him out.  His power doesn't help him out when other people attack him.  
  • There isn't much that Lu Bu can do to help out his teammates.  He just keeps pounding his enemies.  

Notable Combinations:
  • Diao Chan - She can be either a fantastic friend or an annoying enemy.  When she sends Lu Bu into a duel, "Matchless" will activate on whomever he is fighting.  Since Diao Chan chooses the combatants, she can cause Lu Bu to fight his own teammates.  Since fighting back is so costly, they will always suffer damage.  When they are teamed up, the couple can punish their enemies though their attacks and then using "Sow Discord".  This can rack up the damage when focused on a single player.  
  • Zhang Jiao - These two can make a strong team when together.  Lu Bu can pass Zhang Jiao an Escape during his turn and then attack him.  When Zhang Jiao uses that Escape, he activates "Lightning Strike".  After that, he then uses the second Escape.  Then he can use "Lightning Strike" a second time.  
  • Yan Liang & Wen Chou - Lu Bu is a counter to them because when they duel Lu Bu, they will have to use many cards to respond to Lu Bu.  Their power is rendered either useless or expensive.
 King Lu Bu is not a great King.  It's possible to play as him, but you need to be on the offensive and brutally attack your enemies.  He does not have the option of playing defensively.
Normally, Lu Bu is a poor choice as Loyalist.  Being offense oriented, he can only help the cause by attacking and leaving the King alone.  There are some combinations, such as with Zhang Jiao, that are very powerful.  So in select situations, Lu Bu can make a strong loyalist.
 RebelLu Bu is a great Rebel.  When he gets within range of the king, he can just keep pounding away.  The King is left with the grizzly option of throwing two cards or taking the damage.  
 SpyLu Bu is a mediocre spy.  He has the firepower to punish anyone who would oppose him, but with no defensive abilities, he was not built for the long game.  

Final Remarks:
Lu Bu is one of the strongest characters in leading a direct assault.  As long as he can reach his victim with attacks, they are sure to groan under his might.  Attack freely against others and then top it off at the right time with a Duel.  Since it costs so much to defend against him, the opponents will be forced to take damage.  He does not have time to play a defensive game.  Lu Bu has nothing to gain through standing still.  Just keep on attacking!

Alternate Appearances:
Lu Bu
Lu Bu 4