Liu Biao
Liu Biao 刘表
Across from Jiang Nan 跨蹈江南

Self Defense 自守
Liu Biao can draw X additional cards, X being the difference between his current and maximum health. He then skips his action phase.

Imperial Clan 宗室
Liu Biao's hand limit is increased by the number of countries that are represented by the living players.  
  •      Liu Biao can use "Self Defense" if he is the victim of Capture.  
  •      Liu Biao's Hero allegiance is counted in the increase in hand card limit provided to him by "Imperial Clan." In effect, he always has a minimum hand increase of one. 
 Strengths Weaknesses
  •      "Self Defense" is useful if Liu Biao has few hand cards and few units of health. He can quickly regain a large number of cards.
  •     In games with many players, "Imperial Clan" is very useful. Having a large number of cards in his hand is useful when Liu Biao is trying to avoid damage. 
  •      If Liu Biao can maintain a low profile, he can acquire a lot of cards then become difficult to hurt.
  •      All of Liu Biao's abilities are defensive. He sometimes struggles when trying to kill someone quickly.
  •      Liu Biao's two abilities do not always work well together. "Self Defense" allows him to draw many cards if he is damaged, but in many cases he would just have to discard the extra cards that he cannot hold in his hand.

Notable Combinations:
  •      Huang Zhong - Huang Zhong's "Strong Bow" makes his Attacks immune to Escapes when the target has more hand cards than he has units of health. Liu Biao's increased hand limit makes him very vulnerable to this ability.
  •      Xu Huang - Xu Huang's "Blockade" makes it easier for him to target Liu Biao with "Starvation." This can make Liu Biao's two abilities a lot less potent.
  •      Bu Lian Shi/Lu Su - These characters can sap cards from Liu Biao's hand and give them to his enemies, putting him at a large disadvantage.
 King      In order to be effective, Liu Biao needs to keep a low profile. This is impossible to do as the king.
 Loyalist     Liu Biao is a serviceable loyalist. He can hold many Peaches and Negates for the king.
 Rebel     Liu Biao is a serviceable rebel. Again, he can hold many cards to help his teammates. However, his lack of offensive abilities make it more difficult for him to damage the king.
 Spy     Liao Biao is probably best as a spy. This role allows him to keep a low profile and draw many cards, making him difficult to kill.

Final Remarks:
      Liao Biao is very boring to use. Also, he does not have very much to offer in a team situation. He seems to work in a similar manner as Hua Xiong - store up as many cards as possible and try to keep a low profile. When deciding whether or not to use "Self Defense," it is best to do the math before committing to use the power. If most of the extra cards will have to be discarded, it may be better to just take a normal turn.