Lady Cai
Lady Cai 蔡夫人
Flower of the River 襄江的蒲苇

Eavesdrop 窃听
If another player does not target anyone with cards during their turn, Lady Cai can either draw one or take one of their equipped cards and equip it on herself.  

Surrender 献州
Once per turn, Lady Cai can give any other player all of her equipped cards.  The target then decides to let Lady Cai recover X or to damage up to X people in their attack range.  X is the number of cards that she gave.  
  • To use "Eavesdrop", the target cannot use any cards that target a player.  Some cards they can use that do not target anyone are Barbarians, Hail of Arrows, and Harvest.  Since these affect everyone they do not target a particular player, Lady Cai will still be able to use "Eavesdrop" on them.  
  • If a player uses an ability to target a player, it will not be able to stop "Eavesdrop".  They must use an actual card to thwart Lady Cai.
  • When the target of "Surrender" chooses to cause the damage, Lady Cai decides which players will actually be damaged.