Kong Rong 7
Kong Rong 孔融
Awe Inspiring Righteousness

Fame 名士
When Kong Rong is damaged, the source of damage must show their hand or the damage is reduced by one.

Courtesy 礼让
Whenever cards are discarded from Kong Rong, he can give them to any other character.
  • "Scholar" is not an option.
  • "Courtesy" can be activated during Kong Rong's discard phase or when he discards cards as the result of being targeted by character abilities or Break.
    • "Courtesy" has priority over Zhang Zhao & Zhang Hong's "Stabilization" and Cao Zhi's "Wine Poems."
      • When Kong Rong discards multiple cards in once instance and activates "Courtesy," he must give all cards to the same character.
      Final Remarks:
      Kong Rong is present in the most recent version of QSanGuoSha, however "Courtesy" does not always seem to work as it should. Additionally, whenever an AI-controlled character damages Kong Rong, they always show their hand to bypass "Scholar," even if they are on Kong Rong's team. With these programming quirks, it is not possible to do a complete assessment of Kong Rong at this time. That being said, his abilities seem interesting and we hope that these quirks will be ironed out in a future version of this program.