Ju Shou 2
Ju Shou 沮授
Military Prison Schemer 监军谋国

Progressive Strategy 渐营
When the card he uses has the same color or number as the previous card he used during the same turn, he can draw a card.

Northern Arrow 矢北
When Ju Shou is damaged by a card, if he was already damaged by the same card, he heals one before he takes damage.  
  • When Ju Shou uses "Northern Arrow", he heals each time he is damaged with a repeated card within a turn.  This means that if he is hit with two Attacks in the same turn, he heals from the second one.  "Northern Arrow" heals Ju Shou from repeated damage from any card including tool cards.  
  • "Northern Arrow" does not heal Ju Shou when he takes damage from character abilities.  Even if it causes damage more than once a turn.
  • Ju Shou heals from "Northern Arrow" before he receives the damage.  If he is at two health and gets hit by two attacks, he goes down to one, but heals before he takes damage the second time.  In this way he would not go down to the brink of death.