Ju Shou
Ju Shou 沮授
Loyal, Virtuous, Righteous, and Brave

Expostulate 劝谏
Once per turn, Ju Shou can give an escape to another character then take a card from their hand. This is shown and if it is an escape, both players draw a card.

Grim Outlook 死节
For each unit of damage that Ju Shou receives, he can select any character and force them to discard X cards.  X is the difference between their maximum and current health and is at least one.

  • When Ju Shou activates "Expostulate," the target places the Escape in their hand before Ju Shou selects a hand card at random to show. As a result, there is a possibility that the Escape that Ju Shou gave to the target will be chosen to show to the table.
  • The target of "Expostulate" cannot use conversion abilities to convert the card that Ju Shou shows to the table into an Escape. For example, if Ju Shou activates this ability on Zhao Yun, he cannot convert a shown Attack card into an Escape card via his "Dragon Courage" to allow himself and Ju Shou to draw one card.
  • When Ju Shou targets another character with "Dead Node," they choose the cards that they discard. They can choose hand cards and/or equipped cards.
  • Ju Shou's "Dead Node" is activated on a 'per-damage' basis. For example, if Ju Shou receives two units of damage in one instance, he can select one character to discard X cards, then repeat this action. He can choose the same character twice or choose two different characters if he so chooses.
  • Ju Shou can target himself with "Dead Node."

 Strengths Weaknesses
  • If Ju Shou's "Expostulate" works correctly (i.e. if the shown card of the target is an Escape), Ju Shou and his ally gain a card advantage of two, as both of them draw one card. This ability works well on players who keep many Escapes in their hand, or characters with few (or ideally zero) hand cards, as there will be a good chance that he will select the Escape that he gave them to activate this ability.
  • "Dead Node" is extremely powerful against characters who are low on health, as they must discard multiple cards and must keep themselves alive after they discard these cards. It is particularly powerful when Ju Shou is damage by a Barbarians or Hail of Arrows and he targets an enemy with this ability with few units of health that have yet to respond to the card (i.e. the character is to Ju Shou's right and the source's left).
  • Ju Shou is weak in one-on-one scenarios and scenarios in which he is not on a team. "Expostulate" requires a teammate in order for it to be worthwhile.
  • "Expostulate" is weak when the shown card is not an Escape, as there is no net card advantage for Ju Shou's team. This power is usually not effective when used on characters with many hand cards. Also, this ability forces Ju Shou to surrender an Escape card, which is useful in trying to avoid damage outside of his turn. If he is not careful with this ability, he may die quickly.
  • "Dead  Node" is very weak against characters who have zero or one unit of health missing, as they can choose the card that is discarded.

Notable Combinations:
  • Zhang Jiao (especially with Zhang Jiao as king) - Zhang Jiao requires escapes in order to activate "Lightning Strike." Ju Shou can use "Expostulate" to give him one. If Zhang Jiao is the king, Ju Shou can pass him an Escape card via Zhang Jiao's king ability "Amber Sky" to increase the number of Escapes that he has in his hand then give him another Escape card via "Expostulate." By activating his king ability first, Ju Shou increases the number of Escapes in Zhang Jiao's hand and increases the probability that he will select an Escape when he shows a card via "Expostulate."
  • Xu Shu/Liu Bei - These characters have abilities in which they can give away or discard their cards to allow another character to gain cards. As a result, these characters can easily get rid of their hand cards. When Ju Shou targets one of these characters with "Expostulate," there will be a good chance that he will select an Escape to show to the table and allow both himself and the target to draw one card.
  • Yan Liang & When Chou/Yuan Shu/Yuan Shao/Zhang Fei/Xun You - These characters have abilities that tend to leave them with few hand cards. As a result, when Ju Shou targets them with "Expostulate," he will have a greater chance of selecting an Escape to show the table and allow himself and the target to draw one card.
  • Sun Shang Xiang/Ling Tong/New Ling Tong - These characters have abilities that activate when they lose equipment from their equipment area. Since they choose the cards that they discard when Ju Shou targets them with "Dead Node," they can activate these abilities by discarding equipment cards. This is helpful if Ju Shou is on their team, but they also have leverage against him if they are on the opposite team, as Ju Shou cannot target them with his damage-activated ability without giving them an opportunity to activate their abilities. 
 KingJu Shou is a weak king choice. Since he is the first player to take his turn, he will not know who to target with "Expostulate." This ability is risky even later in the game when Ju Shou knows who his allies are, as he is giving away precious Escape cards to activate it. As he receives damage in the first round, it is unlikely that any of the rebels will have more than one unit of damage, making "Dead Node" weak. 
 LoyalistJu Shou does not seem to be a good loyalist pick unless the king is Zhang Jiao (for previously-mentioned reasons). During the first round, there will probably be several rebels attacking the king and sapping him of his Escape cards. He may have many hand cards when Ju Shou finally takes his turn, but since few will be Escapes, there will be a low chance that the cardt hat Ju Shou shows to the table will be an Escape to allow both of them to draw one card.
 RebelJu Shou seems to be best as a rebel. "Dead Node" can be brutal for the king when they have few units of health, as he/she will have an additional unit of health on their maximum health level. Also, there is typically one rebel that has few units of health and therefore few hand cards (as the king and loyalists like to pick a rebel and 'barrage' him/her). This character is an excellent target for "Expostulate," as it gives them an Escape and there will be a greater chance that the shown card will be an Escape so both the target and Ju Shou can draw a card.
 SpyJu Shou is a weak spy choice. While his abilities are useful in keeping the game balanced, he is very weak in a one-on-one battle against the king, which is an inevitability if the spy is successful.

Final Remarks:
Despite the fact that Ju Shou is weak in all roles except rebel, he seems to be one of the best-balanced characters in the unofficial 3D expansion. His abilities are very innovative and unique in the realm of San Guo Sha. When using him, it is critical to choose your targets for "Expostulate" and "Dead Node" correctly. It goes without saying that you should use "Expostulate" on allies with few hand cards and target enemies who are very weak with "Dead Node."