Ji Ping 3
Ji Ping 吉平

Broken Fingers 断指
When Ji Ping is targeted by a card of another character, he can discard two of their cards and lose one health.

Toxic Medicine 毒医
During his drawing phase, Ji Ping can reveal the top card of the deck and give it to another character. If it is black, they cannot use any hand cards until the end of their turn.
  • "Broken Fingers" is a lot like the new version of Wang Yi's "Chastity".  A major difference for Ji Ping is that the original cards function still takes effect.  
  • When Ji Ping uses "Toxic Medicine", the card flipped up is not a judgment and is immune to all tinkering.
  • Ji Ping can only use "Toxic Medicine" once per turn, but Ji Ping flips the card first and then gets to choose who will receive it.  In this way he can help friends and harm foes.  
  • The target cannot use any hand cards until the end of their next turn.  This even includes their action phase.  The cards they draw during their turn are put into their hand meaning that they cannot play anything.  In a way, this is like a nastier version of Capture.