Hua Xiong 4
Hua Xiong 华雄

Shout Array 叫阵
 Hua Xiong can discard one hand card to ask all players to discard the same suit hand card.  If someone does not, they cannot use tool cards on him.  Also, their basic cards, exchange functions.  Attacks switch with escapes, and peaches with wine.  These effects last until Hua Xiong's next turn.  
  •  Hua Xiong can choose to do this at any point during his action phase.  This will make players think about whether to keep an Escape or an Attack.
  •  When a player doesn't discard the same card, they must then escape attacks with an Attack.  They must attack their neighbors with an Escape.  Also they can heal themselves with Wine and boost their attacks with a Peach.
  •  At the beginning of Hua Xiong's turn these effects are all canceled and the other players go back to normal.