Hua Xiong 11
New Hua Xiong 华雄
Pulled Upwards to Glory 飛揚拔扈

Military Glory 耀武
Whenever a character damages New Hua Xiong with a red-suited Attack, they can choose to either draw one card or recover one unit of health. (Enforced)
  • Note that "Military Glory" is enforced. New Hua Xiong cannot choose to 'turn off' this ability.
First Impressions:
New Hua Xiong is an improvement over the original version, but he still is not outstanding. He still has the same problem that he has no 'action' abilities. There is little he can do to benefit his team other than holding extra Peaches and Negates due to his increased maximum health level.

Alternate Appearances:
Hua Xiong 12