Hua Tuo 10
Hua Tuo 华佗
God Doctor 神医

Medicine Bag 除疠
If Hua Tuo has a hand, he can target any number of players from different countries.  Hua Tuo and these people all discard a card.  If anyone discarded a spade, that person then draws a card.  

First Aid 急救
Outside of his turn, Hua Tuo can use any red card as a peach.
  • Hua Tuo can target any number of players with "Medicine Bag", but he cannot target two people with the same country.
  • When Hua Tuo uses "Medicine Bag", he can target a player that is a hero.  Targeting himself does not count for his country.
  • "First Aid" is the same power as the original Hua Tuo.