Hu Che Er 2
Hu Che Er 胡车儿

Lunge 健步
At the beginning of any other player's turn, Hu Che Er can compete with them.  If he wins, Hu Che Er immediately takes a turn.  At the end of his turn, Hu Che Er flips his character card, then the target resumes their turn.  If he loses, Hu Che Er cannot use this power again until his next turn.  

Snatch 盗戟
Hu Che Er can discard a wine to take a weapon from any player.  He then gives it to any player.  
  • Hu Che Er can use "Lunge" more than once per round as long as he keeps on winning the competion.  He can only use it on the same person once per round though.  So he can't compete with the same person over and over getting all the turns.
  • If Hu Che Er is flipped when he succeeds with "Lunge", he then unflips for his turn.  The other player then finishes their turn.
  • When Hu Che Er uses "Snatch", he can give the weapon to himself or anyone else.  It goes in the hand of whoever Hu Che Er picks.