He Jin 2
He Jin 何进
Seemingly Severe but Weak Kneed 色厉内荏

Punishment Scheme 谋诛
He Jin can force another player to give him a hand card.  If he then has more cards than the other player, they then choose to attack or duel him.  

Buying Time 延祸
When He Jin dies, he can choose any player.  He then discards X cards from that player.  X is the number of cards He Jin had before he dies.  
  • The target of "Punishment Scheme" gets to choose the card that they will give to He Jin.  If He Jin then has more, they also get to decide if they would rather attack or duel him.  Neither situation require them to play a card.  
  • If the target of "Punishment Scheme" chooses to duel, this can be stopped with a Negate.  Then nothing would happen to He Jin.
  • When He Jin dies and uses "Buying Time", his equipment does count towards the number of cards that he controls.  
  • He Jin gets to pick which cards are discarded in "Buying Time".  It is much the same as using numerous Breaks that cannot be stopped with a Negate.