Gong Sun Zan N
New Gong Sun Zan 公孙瓒
White Horse General 白马将军

Follower of Virtue 义从
When he has more than two health, Gong San Zan has a bonus -1. When he has two health or less, Gong San Zan has a bonus +1.

Fortify 筑楼
At the end of his turn, Gong San Zan can draw two cards.  He then loses one health or discards a weapon.
  • "Follower of Virtue" is the same power that the older Gong Sun Zan possessed.  
  • "Follower of Virtue" is not an option.  Gong Sun Zan cannot refuse the bonuses.
  • "Fortify" is similar to Huang Gai's "Battered Body".
  • Gong Sun Zan can only use "Fortify" once per turn, but it takes place after his discard phase.  
Alternate Appearances:
Gong Sun Zan 7