Gong Sun Zan 6
Gong Sun Zan 公孙瓒

Follower of Justice 义从
 Gong Sun Zan can choose not to draw.  He then does a judgment and keeps the card.  When the judgment is red, he forces everyone in his attacking range to discard one red hand card.  If they do not, they are attacked.  If the judgment is black.  All his black hand cards are attacks or escapes and he does not need to discard them to use them until his next turn.
  •  When the judgment is red, each and every player in Gong Sun Zan's attacking range is affected.  He does not get to pick and choose players.
  •  When the judgment is red, players can choose to not discard their card, but then they are considered to be attacked by Gong Sun Zan.  He does not need to play an Attack for this.
  •  When the judgment is black, all Gong Sun Zan's card are instantly changed.  This is not a choice.  He does get the benefit of causing the effects of the cards by only showing them.