Gong Sun Zan 13
Gong Sun Zan 公孙瓒
White Horse General 白马将军

Fierce Mount 趫猛
Whenever Gong Sun Zan causes damage with a black attack, he can discard an equipped card from the person that he damaged.  If he discards a horse, he then puts it into his hand.

Follower of Virtue 义从
When Gong Sun Zan has at least three health, he has a bonus -1.  When he has two or fewer health, he has a bonus +1. 
  • If Gong Sun Zan damages more than one person with a black attack, with the Sky Scorcher for example, he can discard a cards from each of them.
  • "Follower of Virtue" is the same power that the original Gong Sun Zan has.