Gon Sun Zan SP
Gong Sun Zan 公孙瓒
White Horse General 白马将军

Follower of Virtue 义从
When Gong Sun Zan has at least three health, he has a bonus -1.  When he has two or fewer health, he has a bonus +1. 
  • Gong Sun Zan's physical bonuses obtained from his "Follower of Virtue" are calculated in addition to his equipped horses. For example, if Gong Sun Zan has a -1 horse and has at least three units of health, he has a total physical bonus of -2.
  • "Follower of Virtue" never grants Gong Sun Zan a -1 and a +1 bonus at the same time - once he falls below three units of health, Gong Sun Zan losses his -1 bonus. 
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • When Gong Sun Zan has fewer than three units of health and many pieces of equipment, he can be difficult to reach and attack. 
  • Gong Sun Zan's "Follower of Virtue" offers him very little in terms of strategy. He is not an offensive powerhouse and he does not have any advanced tactics associated with this power. 
  • Other players with weapons and horses can neutralize the benefits of this power.

Notable Combinations:
  • Wu Gou Tai, Chen Gong, Zhang He, Zhang Zhao and Zhang Hong - Because Gong Sun Zan is such a weak character, he needs characters that can help fortify him. However, these characters cannot offer him anything more than they can offer other characters.
  • Ma Chao, Pang De, Tai Shi Ci, Xiahou Yuan - These characters either have an increased range or can easily bypass Gong Sun Zan's +1 bonus when he has less than two units of health, but any character with a long-ranged weapon will be able to do this.
 KingGong Sun Zan is a horrible king choice. His defensive ability only activates when he is low on health. This will probably only happen later in the game when the rebels have weapons or have developed some sort of means of hurting him.
 LoyalistGong Sun Zan is not a good loyalist. There is little that he can offer the king.
 RebelGong Sun Zan is a weak rebel. He has very little in terms of offensive options.
 SpySince Gong Sun Zan does not have any advanced strategies, he would not make for a very good spy choice.

Final Remarks:
Gong Sun Zan is probably the worst character in the game. He is an SP character released by YOKA mainly as a collectible card. Do not even bother trying to find this guy unless you are trying to collect all of the characters just for the sake of collecting them. If you do use him, do not expect to win. He is a good choice if you want to take it easy on a beginner player.