Gao Shun
Gao Shun 高顺
Attacks Never Overcome 攻无不克

Ambush 陷阵
Once per turn, Gao Shun can compete with any player.  If he wins, Gao Shun has no limit to attacks against his target and both the distance and the target's armor are ignored.  If Gao Shun loses, he cannot attack this turn.

Forbid Drink 禁酒
     All Gao Shun's wine is an attack.
  •      When Gao Shun uses "Ambush" successfully, he does not need to use his first Attack on the victim of the competition. He can choose to Attack any character in his attacking range without the advantages gained in the competition. However, all other Attack cards used during his turn can only target the victim of the competition (unless Gao Shun has the Crossbow, in which case he has no Attack restrictions as per the ability of this weapon).
  •      Gao Shun can choose to Attack before competing with "Ambush." However, he gets no advantages for this first Attack.
  •      Note that "Forbid Drink" is enforced. Gao Shun cannot choose to not use this power.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  •      "Ambush" can be brutal if Gao Shun has plenty of Attack cards in his hand. If Gao Shun keeps a low profile before using "Ambush," he may have a good chance of killing an enemy.
  •      "Forbid Drink" gives Gao Shun an advantage with "Ambush." Even though he cannot play an Attack with Wine, each Wine can provide one unit of damage without having to be paired with an Attack
  •      Even if Gao Shun is not ready to tear somebody apart with "Ambush," he can still use the ability to waste a hand card of an opponent if he has an extra hand card himself. 
  •      In order to be effective, "Ambush" requires multiple Attack cards and a high-numbered card for the competition. In often takes a few turns for Gao Shun to get the resources necessary to make "Ambush" worthwhile. During this time, Gao Shun will likely be pestered by enemies.
  •      "Forbid Wine" may give Gao Shun an advantage with "Ambush," it can greatly hinder his longevity in the game. 

Notable Combinations:
  •      Xun Yu/Guo Jia/Liu Bei/Lu Su/Xu Shu/Chen Gong - These characters can give Gao Shun cards. This is very useful, as "Ambush" is quite expensive.
  •      Zhang Jiao/Zhang He/Gan Ning - These characters specialize in card destruction and can greatly hinder Gao Shun in trying to get enough hand cards to use "Ambush."
  •      Sima Yi/Xiahou Dun/Fa Zheng/Cai Wen Ji - These characters have retaliatory abilities that activate on a 'per instance' basis. This is unfortunate for Gao Shun, as he cannot Attack with Wine.
  •      Yu Jin - "Heavy Resolve" does not constitute armor, and hence is not bypassed by "Ambush." This can give Gao Shun problems.
 King     The king has no business using Gao Shun, unless they are just playing for fun and not to win. Gao Shun does not have the defensive abilities that are necessary to handle this role.
 Loyalist     Gao Shun is not bad as a loyalist. If he restrains himself for the first turn or two to store up the necessary cards, he can crush a weak rebel with "Ambush."
 Rebel     Gao Shun is a good rebel pick. Again, if he can restrain himself and not give away his role, he can surprise the king and deal a large amount of damage. Additionally, he can also be quite good at killing weak loyalists, especially ones with only three units of health. 
 Spy     Gao Shun is a mediocre spy. He can turn the tide of the game quickly if he has the right cards, but is not always prepared to strike when the time is right. Additionally, "Forbid Drink" does not help one who seeks to survive the entire game. 

Final Remarks:
     If Zhang Fei and Tai Shi Ci were somehow able to bypass the laws of biology and produce some sort of offspring, it would probably resemble Gao Shun, with the weaknesses of both and few advantages. However, Gao Shun somehow works much better than one would expect. The key to using Gao Shun effectively is being patient and waiting for the right time to strike. Instead of activating this ability on each turn, it is often best to store up Attacks for a more powerful assault. Additionally, armor and +1 horses help Gao Shun a lot. If possible, try to secure the Wood Armor as this protects Gao Shun from Barbarians so he does not have to waste his precious Attack cards to avoid damage.  

Alternate Appearances:
Gao Shun 8