Empress Fu 4
Empress Fu 伏皇后
One Last Chance 孤注一掷

Anxious Fear 惴恐
If Empress Fu is damaged at the beginning of another player's turn, she can compete with that player.  If she wins, the target cannot use any cards that affect other people.  If she loses, the distance from the target to her is reduced to one.  Either case lasts until the end of the turn.

Plead 求援
When she is attacked, Empress Fu can target any third player.  That player must give Empress Fu an escape or become an additional target to the attack.  
  • Empress Fu cannot use "Anxious Fear" if she is at full health.
  • "Anxious Fear" takes place before the target's judgment phase. 
  • Empress Fu cannot target a character with "Anxious Fear" if they have no hand cards at the beginning of their turn.
  • When Empress Fu wins the competition, the target does not totally lose their action phase, but they are very limited in what cards they can use.  The target can only use cards that do not affect other people.  Some of these are Draw Two, Peaches, Lightning, or Chains for themself.  They cannot use cards that affect other people even without targeting one in particular.  
  • Empress Fu cannot target a character with "Plead" if they have no cards in their hand. She also cannot target the source of the attack with this ability.
  • The target of "Plead" no longer loses a card unwillingly.  They can decide to be targeted and hold on to everything.