Empress Fu
Empress Fu 伏皇后

Secret Letter 藏匿
Once per turn, Empress Fu can give a hand card to another player. They must play an attack against a target that Empress Fu chooses or allow her to see their hand and take a card.

Hide 密信
At the beginning of her discard phase, Empress Fu can regain one unit of health or draw two cards then flip her character card. During other players' turns, when Empress Fu gains or loses a card when she is flipped, she can make the character taking their turn draw or discard a card.
  • When Empress Fu uses "Secret Letter", she may take the same card back that she gave to the target in the first place.  
  • "Hide" happens at the beginning of her discard phase, not at the end of her turn.  She still must discard cards after she draws two or heals.  
  • Empress Fu can use the second half of "Hide" as long as she is flipped.  It does not have to be caused by the first half of the power.