Dong Zhuo
Dong Zhuo 董卓
Daemon King 魔王

Wine 酒池
Dong Zhuo can use any spade card in his hand as wine.

Garden of Lust 肉林
Whenever Dong Zhuo attacks or is attacked by a female, the target must use an additional escape to avoid damage.

Collapse 崩坏
At the end of Dong Zhuo's turn, if he has more units of health than any character, he must either lose one health or reduce his maximum health limit by one.

Violent Tyrant 暴虐
King Ability: When another hero damages a player, they can allow Dong Zhuo to flip a judgment. If it is a spade, Dong Zhuo heals one.
  • Note that "Garden of Lust" and "Collapse" are enforced; Dong Zhuo cannot 'turn off' these powers.
  • Note that "Violent Tyrant" is activated on a 'per-instance' basis. For example, if a Hero deals two units of damage to another character by using an Attack with Wine, one judgement cards can be flipped.
  • "Violent Tyrant" cannot be activated by Dong Zhuo to heal himself.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • Dong Zhuo has an incredible amount of health. By picking him, the player can guarantee that they will not be killed quickly.
  • "Garden of Lust" makes Dong Zhuo a very powerful advantage against women. While this power works for both Dong Zhuo Attacking women and women Attacking Dong Zhuo, Dong Zhuo inherently has an advantage because "Wine" makes it easier for Dong Zhuo to use Wine with the Attack and Dong Zhuo has a lot more health than the women in this game.
  • "Collapse" must be used wisely or else Dong Zhuo will die quickly. Many characters make the mistake of assuming that they will be able to heal back to their original full health of eight. This is very unlikely.
  • Dong Zhuo is great at the beginning of the game, but he can be horrible later in the game if he has few units of health. If his maximum health level is low, he may still have to activate "collapse" if there are other weak characters still in play.
  • "Collapse" makes Dong Zhuo weak to Capture and Starvation. Even if Dong Zhuo's turn is skipped, he still must suffer from "Collapse."

Notable Combinations:
  • Xu Huang/Da Qiao - These characters can use Starvation and Capture on Dong Zhuo easily, exploiting his weakness of "Collapse." In addition, Da Qiao's "Displace" allows her to get out of having to deal with "Wine" and "Garden of Lust."
  • Zhuge Liang - Zhuge Liang's "Empty City" can make it difficult for Dong Zhuo to damage him. This can make Dong Zhuo lose a lot of health from "Collapse" if Zhuge Liang is able to activate this power frequently.
  • Zhou Tai - If Zhou Tai is on the brink of death via "Refusing Death," Dong Zhuo will have to activate "Collapse" at the end of each turn. This would mean that Dong Zhuo would have to activate "Collapse" even if he only has one unit of health!
  • Yuan Shao (with Dong Zhuo as king) - Yuan Shao can damage a lot of players in one round with "Random Strike." He can activate "Tyrant" for each person he damages and can potentially heal Dong Zhuo several times in one turn. 
  • Yuan Shu (with Dong Zhuo as king) - With the great number of cards that Yuan Shu draws during his turn, he has a good chance of being able to damage another character to activate "Tyrant." Similarly, Yuan Shu's "False King" gives him the king ability of "Tyrant," which allows Dong Zhuo to possibly heal Yuan Shu whenever he damages another character.
  • Zhang Jiao (with Dong Zhuo as king) - Zhang Jiao's "Dark Magic" allows him to influence "Violent Tyrant" judgement cards and change them to spades.
  • Xiao Qiao - When Xiao Qiao passes damage to Dong Zhuo via "Fantasy," Dong Zhuo draws as many cards as the difference between his maximum health and his current health level. This number can be quite high if he has not reduced his maximum in a long time and he is low on health. 
 KingDong Zhuo is a great king choice. He gets an additional unit of health if there are more than five players at the beginning of the game, allowing him to start with nine (!) units of health. There are also many characters who make great loyalists for Dong Zhuo. In addition, he is very difficult to kill quickly.
 LoyalistDong Zhuo could be a good loyalist choice depending on the rebel choices. If the rebels are women, Dong Zhuo can kill them easily.
 RebelDong Zhuo is a competent, but not outstanding rebel. The king choice is usually male, which makes "Garden of Lust" less useful. 
 SpyDong Zhuo is a good spy if he can keep the game short. If the game lasts a long time, Dong Zhuo will become weaker each turn with "Collapse." If he can get around this, he may be able to finish the loyalists and king quickly late in the game.

Final Remarks:
Dong Zhuo is a very interesting character. He seems to be well-balanced with the rest of the characters, despite the fact that he has eight units of health and two abilities that often work to his disadvantage. He is not used often online, but he seems to be hit-and-miss. When the conditions are right, he is outstanding. In other cases, he cannot reach his enemies and he dwindles away at the end of each turn. When using him, do not be afraid to reduce the maximum health level if Dong Zhuo is damaged at the end of his turn. If Dong Zhuo is not the king (and hence does not have "Tyrant") it will be difficult to regain enough health to make it back to the maximum of eight units. If Dong Zhuo is king and his loyalists are some of the ones mentioned in the 'Notable Combinations' section, he could possibly regain the health, so keep this in mind.

Alternate Appearances:
Dong Zhuo 3