Diao Chan
Diao Chan 貂蝉
Masterpiece of Dance and Beauty 绝世的舞姬

Sow Discord 离间
Once during her turn, Diao Chan can discard any card and choose two male characters to undergo duel.

Eclipse the Moon 闭月
After her discard phase, Diao Chan draws one card.
  •  Diao Chan can discard any card to activate "Sow Discord," whether it be from her hand or in her equipment area.
  •  "Sow Discord" requires two male characters to be alive to be activated. Diao Chan also selects the male character who must play the first Attack.
  •  When someone is hurt from "Sow Discord," Diao Chan is never considered to be the source of damage. The source of damage is the other male character that Diao Chan selected for the Duel.
  •  If Zhuge Liang has no hand cards, he can still be targeted for "Sow Discord." However, Diao Chan must have the other male character play the first Attack.  This is as if Zhuge Liang played the Duel.
Strengths Weaknesses 
  •  Diao Chan can always cause damage during one of her turns so long as there are two men alive. Few other ensure that damage will be caused during their turn.
  •  "Sow Discord" allows Diao Chan to damage characters with retalitory abilities indirectly, with the other male character suffering the consequences of the damage.
  •  Diao Chan can force the king to kill his loyalist, making him lose all of his cards. If she is a loyalist, she can have the king kill a rebel, allowing him to draw three cards
  •  "Eclipse the Moon" allows Diao Chan to draw card after her discard phase, allowing her to hold more cards than her number of health units remaining.
  •  Diao Chan is a very high-profile character. Her enemies will target her because she can always make sure that their male characters are hurt.  
  •  Diao Chan has no abilities that help her against other women. Other female characters have good powers that help them fight against any enemy, be it male or female. Diao Chan has trouble combating these women.
  •  If there are less than two men alive, Diao Chan's "Sow Discord" is useless. 
  •  Diao Chan is a fragile character. Her only defensive ability is "Eclipse the Moon." There is no guarentee that the card that she will draw will help keep her alive for another round.

Notable Combinations:
  •  Lu Bu - Lu Bu is always Diao Chan's greatest asset. The best aspect of this pairing is that Lu Bu does not need to be on Diao Chan's team - because his ability is enforced, characters that are Dueling him must use two Attack cards instead of one, whether Lu Bu wants to hurt them or not. Diao Chan can make Lu Bu fight his own teammates with devestating results
 King  Diao Chan is a mediocre king. The rebels can just choose female characters to mitigate her power.
 Diao Chan is a solid, but not outstanding loyalist. She can cause trouble among the rebels, but the king may not initially trust her. She could be the target of Capture on her very first turn out of fear of the safety of the king!
 Rebel Diao Chan is an excellent rebel. As stated earlier, she can always damage male characters. In addition, she can make the king hurt and sometimes kill his loyalist, forcing him to lose everything and be open for Attacks by the other rebels.
 Spy Diao Chan is a mediocre spy. Because she is a high-profile character, she will have a hard time surviving to the end of the game. Even if she does survive, she will have trouble taking down the king in a one-on-one battle unless he is very weak.

Final Remarks:
Diao Chan is a very fun character to use. However, as stated many times previously, she is a high-profile character. Notice that she has no negative combinations. Diao Chan is so delicate that making negative combinations was pointless, as any character with a strong offense should be able to take her down. Do as much damage as you can while you are alive. Play Barbarians before asking your target to duel somebody to ensure that they take the most damage possible.

Alternate Appearances:
Diao Chan 4
Diao Chan 6
Diao Chan 5
SP Diao ChanDiao Chan 3
Diao Chan SP 2