Cai Zhao Ji
Cai Zhao Ji 蔡昭姬

Return Home 归汉
Once per turn, Cai Zhao Ji can discard two red-suited hand cards of the same suit and select any player.  Cai Zhao Ji exchanges locations with this character.

Nomad Flute 胡笳
At the end of her turn, Cai Zhao Ji can flip a judgment. If it is red, she flips another judgment.  This continues until she flips a black judgment. The red cards go in her hand and the black card is discarded. If she flips more than two judgments in this way, she flips her character card.
  • When Cai Zhao Ji uses "Return Home" to switch seats, the impacts the order of turns immediatly.  When she finishes her turn, play resumes with the player that is now to her right.  
  • "Nomad Flute" works similarly to Zhan Ji's "River Goddess".
  • In "Nomad Flute", even if the second judgment is black, she must then flip her character card.  This is not a choice so she must do it if she flips more than two cards.  
  • "Nomad Flute" is optional, she does not need to run the risk of flipping the cards if she does not want to.