Cai Wen Ji 8
Cai Wen Ji 蔡文姬
Grieving Lady of Talent 悲愤才女

Nomad Flute 胡笳
All of Cai Wen Ji's attacks are treated like peaches.  When she uses a peach, the person that is missing the most health heals one.  

Masterpiece 绝唱
When Cai Wen Ji dies, all surviving players lose two health.
  • "Nomad Flute" is not an optional power.  Cai Wen Ji cannot use any Attacks as they are printed.  She can however use Lightning Attacks or Fire Attacks.
  • When Cai Wen Ji uses "Nomad Flute", the person who is missing the most health is healed, this may not always be the person with the least health.  If there is a tie, Cai Wen Ji gets to choose who is healed.  
  • "Masterpiece" does not cause any damage so no equipment or abilities can prevent this when it happens.  
  • When "Masterpiece" happens, the loss of health travels around the table in the same order as anything else would.