Bei Mi Hu 3
Bei Mi Hu 卑弥呼
Foreign Ally of Wei 亲魏倭王

Phantom Road 鬼道
Bei Mi Hu can put a card from her hand face down into her weapon slot.  If any other player flips uses a card with the same color and number, she can flip and discard the card to her that player one.

Ally of Wei 亲魏
Whenever Bei Mi Hu performs a judgment that is successful, she can give that card to anyone from Wei.
  • If Bei Mi Hu uses "Phantom Road" when she already has a weapon, her weapon is discarded and replaced with the hand card she places there.
  • If Bei Mi Hu begins her turn and still has her card for "Phantom Road", the card stays there.  It stays until she uses it  or replaces it with a weapon.
  • Bei Mi Hu can only use "Ally of Wei" if her judgment is successful.  This means that the card the judgment was for takes effect.