Bei Mi Hu
Bei Mi Hu 卑弥呼
Small Barbarian Queen 倭夷女王

Invade 入侵
 Once per turn Bei Mi Hu can make every player to play either an attack or escape.  If they do not, they lose one blood.

Safety 蛮夷
 Bei Mi Hu always has a bonus +1 horse.

Secret Path 鬼道
 King Ability: In her drawing phase Bei Mi Hu can ask any hero to do a judgment.  If they allow it and it is a spade, she cannot be the target of an attack until her next turn.
  • For "Invade", each player must use either an Attack or Escape.  It is up to each player what they will throw.  Bei Mi Hu must also participate in this as well.
  •  In "Secret Path", Bei Mi Hu asks the heroes to do the judgment for her.  It is up to them if they do it or not.  If they try and fail, the next hero may still attempt to help her.