God Zhuge Liang
Zhuge Liang 诸葛亮
The Sorcerer of Red Cliffs 赤壁的妖术师

Seven Stars 七星
At the beginning of the game, Zhuge Liang draws seven more cards.  He chooses seven of his cards and puts them face down. These are Stars. The rest of the cards are put in his hand. After his drawing phase, Zhuge Liang can exchange any number of cards in his hand for the same number of his stars.  

Fierce Wind 狂风
At the end of his turn, Zhuge Liang can select any player and discard one Star. Each time this player receives fire damage, the damage is increased by one. This effect lasts until the beginning of Zhuge Liang's next turn.

Heavy Fog 大雾
At the end of his turn, Zhuge Liang can select any number of players and discard one star for each. These players are immune to all damage except lightning damage. This effect lasts until the beginning of Zhuge Liang's next turn.
  • Zhuge Liang cannot play any of his cards that are used as Stars. For example, he could not use a Peach in his Stars to save someone from the brink of death. Additionally, Stars cannot be the target of Break or Steal.
  • Zhuge Liang's Stars are always kept face down. Other characters are not allowed to see which cards Zhuge Liang is keeping as Stars.
  • Zhuge Liang can target himself with "Heavy Fog" and "Fierce Wind."
  • Note that while Zhuge Liang can protect as many players with "Fierce Wind" (so long as he has enough Stars to do so), he can only target one character with "Heavy Fog" per turn.
  • "Heavy Fog" does not provide protection against negligence damage. Whenever a character has an ability that causes them to lose health, this damage is considered to be negligence damage and "Heavy Fog" will not prevent it. The actual translation for 'negligence damage' is 'losing health.' 
  • Note that the effects of "Fierce Wind" and "Heavy Fog" begin at the end of his turn and end at the beginning of Zhuge Liang's next turn, so nobody will be protected from lightning damage or weak to fire damage during this time.  
  • If Zhuge Liang uses "Fierce Wind" or "Heavy Fog" and dies before his next turn, the effects end when Zhuge Liang dies.  

 Strengths Weaknesses
  • "Heavy Fog" is useful for protecting weak teammates and Zhuge Liang if they are about to die. This power gives Zhuge Liang's team an advantage as their weak members are protected while the enemies are still vulnerable. 
  • "Seven Stars" is useful because it allows Zhuge Liang to keep certain useful cards in 'safe keeping.' For example, he can put the Crossbow in his stars and keep it there until he has many Attacks to use during his turn. Additionally, if there are certain cards that Zhuge Liang does not want to have in circulation (such as Lightning if Sima Yi or Zhang Jiao are enemies).
  • "Fierce Wind" is not usually useful. Since it is not in effect when Zhuge Liang plays his turn, he cannot ensure that fire damage will be dealt to the target. It is up to Zhuge Liang's teammates to deal fire damage to the target.
  • Mismanagement of "Fierce Wind" and "Heavy Fog" will lead to disaster. There is no way for Zhuge Liang to acquire more Stars. Since all of his abilities depend upon his Stars, he becomes a 'vanilla' character once he runs out.

Notable Combinations:
  • Xiao Qiao -Xiao Qiao can use "Fantasy" to pass damage to characters who are protected by "Heavy Fog." Heave Fog will protect them from this damage (as long as it is not lightning damage) and they can still draw X cards.
  • Cao Pi - Cao Pi can target Zhuge Liang with "Exile" and force him to flip his character card. The affects of "Heavy Fog" and "Fierce Wind" remain active until Zhuge Liang's next turn. When Zhuge Liang flips back face up during his normal turn time, the affects of these abilities do not end. Effectively, Cao Pi can extend the duration of Zhuge Liangs powers and help him conserve Stars
  • Younger Zhuge Liang/Demigod Zhou Yu/Demigod Zhao Yun - These characters have abilities that allow them to cause damage more frequently than other characters. Zhuge Liang can make these characters more powerful via "Fierce Wind."
  • Zhang Chun Hua - Zhang Chun Hua's "Unfeeling" bypasses "Heavy Fog." Zhuge Liang cannot protect his teammates from Zhang Chun Hua.
  • Zhang Jiao - Zhang Jiao's primary method of dealing damage is "Lightning Strike." This ability is very powerful and bypasses "Heavy Fog."
  • Liu Shan - Liu Shan can use "Decentralization" to provide Zhuge Liang with an additional turn. Note that the effects of "Fierce Wind" and "Heavy Fog" end at the beginning of Zhuge Liang's next turn. If Zhuge Liang targets many characters with these abilities, Liu Shan can force the effects to end early by giving Zhuge Liang an additional turn. This can cause Zhuge Liang to waste many Stars if he is not careful. 
 KingZhuge Liang is a competent king choice. He can protect himself easily when he is low on health via "Heavy Fog." However, he needs to be careful to manage his Stars carefully.
 LoyalistZhuge Liang is a good loyalist pick. He can keep the king alive for a long period of time via "Heavy Fog" If necessary.
 RebelZhuge Liang is a good rebel pick. He can keep weak rebels alive and make the king weak to fire damage, which can be useful if another rebel has a fire-related ability.
 SpyZhuge Liang can be a good spy pick, but he needs to be extremely careful with his Stars. As the spy, Zhuge Liang needs to last the entire game. "Heavy Fog" can be useful in protecting himself and the king, but he should use this ability very carefully or else he will run out of Stars and have a difficult time winning the game.

Final Remarks:
Like most other demigod characters, Zhuge Liang has extreme strengths and weakness. As stated many times earlier, the key to winning with Zhuge Liang is to manage his Stars effectively. Note that Zhuge Liang does not need to protect a character with "Heavy Fog" if they can stay alive until Zhuge Liang's next turn. In most cases, Zhuge Liang should only use a maximum of one Star per turn, possibly two if his team is in complete disarray.