zhuge guo 2
Zhuge Guo 诸葛果
Ascend to Goddess仙女模式

Enlightenment 得道
Zhuge Guo's maximum health and current health is increased by one.

Immortal Body 仙体
When Zhuge Guo is damaged by a player she can force them to show the top card of the deck.  If it is red, that player must discard a card and reveal the next card of the deck.  This can continue until a black card is revealed or that player has no more cards to discard.  All the cards revealed this way are discarded.  

Miracle 神迹
Whenever Zhuge Guo uses a basic or tool that is a heart, she can draw a card.  
  • "Enlightenment" exists because the hero version transforms into this goddess version.  If someone started with the goddess version they would still get the benefits of "Enlightenment".  
  • "Enlightenment" increases Zhuge Guo's maximum health by one and ensures she starts at full health.  After that, it serves no other function.  
  • "Immortal Body" work very similar to a judgment, except it is not considered a judgment.  This means that there is no tinkering allowed with the cards that are revealed.  
  • When a player discards because of "Immortal Body", they can discard hand cards or equipped cards.