God Zhu Rong 2
Zhu Rong 祝融
Descendant of Vulcan 火神的后裔

Elephant 驱象
Zhu Rong can use any black card as barbarians.

Raid 扫荡
Once per turn, when Zhu Rong uses an attack, she can have up to two targets.

Royal Elephant 御象
Zhu Rong is unaffected by barbarians.  
  • Zhu Rong can use either hand or equipped cards for "Elephant".
  • For "Raid", Zhu Rong can only have additional targets for one Attack per turn.  She can attack more often with the Crossbow, but those attacks only get one target each.  
  • If Zhu Rong attacks outside of her turn, her attack can target an additional person.