God Zhou Tai
Zhou Tai 周泰
Pride of the Dead 狂妄的死人

Overbearing 霸道
If Zhou Tai does not recover any health for his turn, his attacks have no distance or number limitations.  

Damage 破坏
Zhou Tai can use peaches or escapes as attacks.  When these attacks hit, he draws one.  

Mighty 强势
When Zhou Tai is on the brink of death, he can do a judgment.  The number on the card is his new maximum health, with a maximum of six.  If he reaches the brink of death again, this card is discarded and a new judgment is made.  
  • If Zhou Tai uses an attack through "Overbearing" with unlimited reach, or uses more than one, he can no long heal himself that turn.  
  • "Damage" only allows Zhou Tai to draw from using Peaches or Escapes as Attacks, not normal Attacks.
  • "Mighty" only alter Zhou Tai's maximum health, it does not heal him at all.  If he dies, his maximum will not help him at all.