God Zhen Ji
Zhen Ji 甄姬

Self Pity 自怜
When Zhen Ji is affected by any non delay tool, she draws a card.

Prayer 祈愿
After her drawing phase, Zhen Ji can compete with any other player.  If she wins, that player must use an additional attack whenever they target Zhen Ji with an attack.  This effect lasts until Zhen Ji's next turn.  If Zhen Ji loses, she loses her action phase and flips her card.  

Poetry 诗想
In her drawing phase, Zhen Ji can not draw and discard her entire hand.  She then draws three times the number of cards that she discarded, with the most being nine.  She also skips her discard phase for that turn.
  • In "Self Pity", she draws a card as soon as she is targeted.  She draws prior to any effects of the tool.
  • Even if she falls prey to Capture or Starvation, she can still use "Prayer".
  • "Poetry" takes place instead of the normal drawing of cards for her.