God Zhen Ji 2
Zhen Ji 甄姬

Brilliance 神武
At the beginning of her turn, Zhen Ji can guess the color of the top card.  She then does a judgment.  If she was correct, she puts the card into her hand and does another judgment.  This repeats until she guesses incorrectly.  When she is wrong, the card is discarded and the power is ended.

Servant of the King 侍君
Zhen Ji can discard a hand card to cause any other player to become one distance away for the rest of her turn.

Metamorphosis 幻化
Once per turn after she uses any card, she can use any other hand card as the same thing that she previously used.  
  • "Brilliance" works very similiarly to the normal Zhen Ji's "River Goddess"
  • "Servent of the King" bypasses any horses that the target has equipped.  
  • Zhen Ji can reuse a card by discarding another hand card.  To do this Zhen Ji must be permitted to reuse the card.  She cannot reuse an Attack through "Metamorphosis" unless she has the Crossbow since she can only use one per turn.