God Zhao Yun
Zhao Yun 赵云
God with Dragon's Power 神威如龙

Impasse 绝境
During his drawing phase, Zhao Yun draws X extra cards, X being the difference between his current and maximum health levels. Zhao Yun's hand card limit is increased by two.

Soul of the Dragon 龙魂
Zhao Yun can use X cards of the same suit, X being the number of units of health Zhao Yun has remaining, for the following: 
Hearts - Peach
Diamonds - Fire Attack
Clubs - Escape
Spades - Negate

X is at least one.  
  • Note that "Impasse" is enforced. Zhao Yun cannot choose to draw fewer card during his drawing phase or discard more cards during his discard phase.
  • "Soul of the Dragon" is not enforced. If Zhao Yun has one unit of health, he can use his cards either as they are printed or with the extra options he gets via "Soul of the Dragon."
  • "Soul of the Dragon" always has a minimum value of X of one. If Zhao Yun is on the brink of death (in which case X is zero), Zhao Yun still needs at least one heart-suited card to use as a peach.
  • Zhao Yun can use equipped cards when activating "Soul of the Dragon."

 Strengths Weaknesses
  • "Soul of the Dragon" is incredibly powerful when Zhao Yun only has one unit of health remaining. Zhao Yun has two options for each of his cards and he has access to many Peaches, Attacks, Escapes, and Negates. All of these cards are useful in keeping Zhao Yun alive.
  • Zhao Yun is particularly strong with equipment, as he can use equipped cards for "Soul of the Dragon."
  • "Impasse" helps correct Zhao Yun's health deficiency by allowing him to draw and store more cards in his hand.
  • When Zhao Yun is at full health, his powers are much weaker. "Impasse" does not give Zhao Yun a drawing bonus and "Soul of the Dragon" is too expensive to be worth using.
  • While "Soul of the Dragon" makes Zhao Yun surprisingly robust, he still only has a maximum of two units of health. Certain character abilities can deal direct damage that cannot be bypassed by Attacks, Escapes, or Negates.

Notable Combinations:
  • Liu Bei/Guo Jia/Xu Shu - These characters can give Zhao Yun cards that he can use for "Soul of the Dragon."
  • Zhang Liao/Zhang He/Gan Ning - These characters specialize in card destruction and can get rid of Zhao Yun's precious cards and prevent him from using "Soul of the Dragon."
  • Xun Yu/Dian Wei/Zhang Jiao - These are examples of characters that can deal direct damage that bypasses "Soul of the Dragon." If Zhao Yun is unlucky and does not have any heart-suited cards, they may be able to kill him.
  • Xiao Qiao - Xiao Qiao's "Fantasy" allows her to pass damage to Zhao Yun. Because his maximum health level is so low, he draws a maximum of one card when she passes him damage.
 KingZhao Yun is a serviceable, but not outstanding king choice. The extra unit of health gives him an extra card when he has only one unit of health when drawing via "Impasse," but this ability does not help him keep more cards in his hand at the end of his turn. With a lot of attention on him from aggressive rebels, Zhao Yun may have difficulty surviving.
 LoyalistZhao Yun is a competent loyalist. "Soul of the Dragon" gives Zhao Yun a higher chance of having Peaches for the king, but keep in mind that his abilities are mainly designed to keep himself alive.
 RebelZhao Yun is a great rebel. "Soul of the Dragon" helps Zhao Yun stay alive despite the three-card bounty on his head. He also has a higher chance of getting Attacks to use to fight the king.
 SpyZhao Yun is a great spy. His abilities are very good for keeping himself alive and he can also store Peaches via "Soul of the Dragon" to help the team that is at a disadvantage.

Final Remarks:
Zhao Yun may look weak with only two units of health, but he is surprisingly robust. As stated previously, he has two uses for each of his cards when he has only one unit of health remaining. It is best to start your turn with one unit of health to draw an extra card. If you are uncomfortable ending your turn with only one unit of health, you can spend a heart-suited card as a Peach to get back to full health, but realize that this will make "Soul of the Dragon" weaker. Also, try to end your turn with as many cards as possible. Without extra cards, "Soul of the Dragon" is not as useful.