God Zhang Jiao 2
Zhang Jiao 张角
God of Thunder 雷霆神将

Thunderbolt 霹雳
All Zhang Jiao's attacks are lightning attacks.  When Jiang Jiao receives lightning damage, he is healed by that amount rather than being damaged.  

Storm 风暴
Zhang Jiao is always considered in chains.  When Zhang Jiao damages another player with an attack, that player becomes in the chain.

Thunderclap 雷霆
Zhang Jiao can discard two cards to give himself one lightning damage.  When he is damaged with lightning damage, he can discard X black cards to give the damage to anyone else in his attacking range.  X is the amount of damage being passed.
  • All Zhang Jiao's Attacks and Fire Attacks are all considered to be Lightning Attacks.  He does not have a choice.
  • Zhang Jiao puts players into chains through "Storm" after all the effects of the attack.  
  • Zhang Jiao can discard both black hand cards and equipment to use "Thunderclap".