God Xiao Qiao 2
Xiao Qiao 小乔
Pink Goddess 粉红之女神

Hidden Fan 藏扇
At the beginning of the game, Xiao Qiao is given seven cards.  She picks four of these for her initial hand.  The other three are set aside as Fans.  These can be used as either peaches or peach gardens.

Dance 裙舞
When any tool has more than one target, it does not affect Xiao Qiao.

Turning Glace 回眸
When a tool has more than one target, Xiao Qiao can discard any card to prevent one target from being affected.  

Beautiful Gown 粉裳
For every unit of damage Xiao Qiao causes, the person who was damaged draws two extra cards on their next turn.
  • "Hidden Fan" works similarly to God Zhuge Liang's "Seven Stars".  Each of the Fans can be used as either a Peach or a Peach Garden.
  • Xiao Qiao can use "Turning Glance" on more than one person for the same tool card.
  • When a player is affected by "Beautiful Gown", they do not draw any additional cards until their next drawing phase.  If that player has Starvation placed on them, they will miss out on the additional cards.