God Sima Yi 2
Sima Yi 司马懿
Ruler of the World 天下的霸者

Thunder 雷切
Sima Yi is the source of all lightning damage.  Whenever he causes lightning damage he gets a Grave Token.

Attribution 归结
At the beginning of his turn, if Sima Yi has as many or more Grave Tokens as there are players alive, Sima Yi can choose X players.  All these players reduce their maximum by one.  Sima Yi then discards X Grave Tokens. 

Return 归一
When Sima Yi is damaged, he can make up to X players flip their card.  X is the number of Grave Tokens he has.  He then discards half of X, rounded down.  
  • If a player is at maximum health and has their maximum reduced, they are once again at their new maximum, but reduced health.
  • If a player's maximum reaches zero, they immediately die.