God Sima Yi
Sima Yi 司马懿
Supreme Ancestor of Jin 晋国之祖

Command to Endure 忍诫
Sima Yi gains an Endurance Token for each unit of damage he receives and each card he discards during his discard phase.

Promotion 拜印
Awakened Ability: If Sima Yi has more than three Endurance Tokens at the beginning of his turn, he must reduce his maximum health level by one. He then permanently acquires the ability to discard an Endurance Token to use any of these abilities when applicable: Devil, Exile, Complete Kill, Reconsider, and Gathering Wisdom.

Breaking Links 连破
If Sima Yi kills another player, he can take a turn after the current one.  
  • Note that "Command to Endure" does not give Sima Yi Endurance Tokens when he discards cards outside of his discard phase. Sima Yi does not get Endurance Tokens when he plays cards or if his cards are discarded via character abilities or Break.
  • "Command to Endure" is activated on a 'per-damage' and 'per-card' basis. For example, if Sima Yi takes two units of damage in one instance, he gains two Endurance Tokens. 
  • Note that "Promotion" is enforced. He must reduce his maximum health level by one the conditions are fulfilled. 
  • Below is a list of the abilities that Sima Yi gains from "Promotion" and how he can use them:
    • "Devil" - This is one of the normal Sima Yi's abilities. When a judgement card is flipped, Sima Yi can spend an Endurance Token and discard one of his hand cards. The hand card he discards is the judgement card that goes into effect.
    • "Exile" - This is one of Cao Pi's abilities. When Sima Yi is damaged, he can spend an Endurance Token and select any character. This character flips their character card and draws X cards, X being the difference between Sima Yi's maximum and current health levels assessed after the damage is dealt. Note that "Command to Endure" is activated before this ability can be activated when Sima Yi is damaged. For example, if Sima Yi is dealt one unit of damage, he immediately acquires an Endurance Token then he can decide to use "Exile."
    • "Complete Kill" - This is one of Jia Xu's abilities. During Sima Yi's turn, he can spend an Endurance Token. For the rest of this turn, only Sima Yi and characters on the brink of death can use Peach. In effect, this ability prevents players from being saved from the brink of death by teammates via the use of Peach. When Sima Yi spends an Endurance Token to use this ability, it lasts only for the current turn.
    • "Reconsider" - This is Sun Quan's ability. Once during Sima Yi's turn, he can spend an Endurance Token and discard an number of his cards to draw the same number of cards from the deck. Note that Sima Yi can only use this power once per turn.  
    • "Gathering Wisdom" - Is one of Huang Yue Ying's abilities. Whenever Sima Yi uses a tool card, he can discard an Endurance card to immediately draw a card. Note that Sima Yi does not have Huang Yue Ying's "Wondrous Talent" that allows her to bypass all range restrictions when she plays tool cards. In other words, unlike Huang Yue Ying, Sima Yi can only play Starvation and Steal within he physical range and cannot bypass this restriction.
  • In most cases, "Breaking Links" is activated during Sima Yi's turns. If Sima Yi kills someone during his turn, he takes another turn immediately afterwards.
  • Note that "Breaking Links" only gives Sima Yi one extra turn regardless of the number of players that Sima Yi kills during his turn. However, Sima Yi can have multiple turns in succession if he kills more players during the extra turns he gains from "Brinking Links."
  • If Sima Yi manages to kills somebody outside of his turn, he can choose to take a turn immediately after the current turn. After Sima Yi's turn from this ability, the person to Sima Yi's right takes their turn (assuming that Sima Yi did not kill anyone during this turn). This gives Sima Yi the potential to disrupt the normal turn order and essentially 'skip' other players' turns. However, this happens very rarely. It usually requires the use of Coerce or character abilities like Diao Chan's "Sow Discord" or Xun Yu's "Rouse the Tiger."
  • If Sima Yi plays Lightning, kills a character in the same turn, then activates "Breaking Links," Sima Yi must flip a judgement card for the Lightning on his extra turn.

 Strengths Weaknesses
  • Sima Yi's "Promotion" is incredibly powerful. It gives him many options and many powerful abilities.
  • "Complete Kill" works very well in conjunction with "Breaking Links." "Complete Kill" can be used to isolate the players from each other and guarantee an extra turn via "Breaking Links."
  • "Reconsider" and "Gathering Wisdom" work very well together. "Reconsider" can be used to trade in basic cards for cards from the deck and increase the possibility of gaining tool cards.
  • Because "Command to Endure" takes place when Sima Yi takes damage before "Exile" can be activated, Sima Yi essentially has this ability for free. As stated previously, Sima Yi gains an Endurance Token when taking damage, then discard it to choose a character to flip their character card.
  • "Breaking Links" is incredibly powerful. If Sima Yi can kill multiple characters in his successive turns, this ability has the potential to self-perpetuate. With extra turns, Sima Yi gains extra discard phases in which he can gain more Endurance Tokens.
  • Sima Yi is very weak to card destruction techniques. If Sima Yi does not have hand cards, he cannot gain Endurance Tokens. Without Endurance Tokens, Sima Yi does not have access to powerful abilities.
  • Sima Yi can do very little before "Promotion" is activated. In most games, Sima Yi must simply skip his turns and discard cards during his additional cards to gain Endurance Tokens to activate "Promotion."
  • Sima Yi must be used carefully and with restraint. If Sima Yi overuses his abilities gained from "Promotion," he will run out of Endurance Tokens.
  • Sima Yi is a high-profile character. Enemies will do everything in their ability to kill him quickly.

Notable Combinations:
  • Xun Yu/Diao Chan/Chen Gong/Jia Xu - These characters have abilities that have the potential to allow Sima Yi to kill characters outside his turn. Sima Yi can gain extra turns via "Breaking Links."
  • Liu Bei/Guo Jia/Xu Shu - These characters have abilities that allow them to give other characters cards. Sima Yi needs cards to gain Endurance Tokens.
  • Gan Ning/Zhang Liao/Zhang He/Jiang Wei - These characters specialize in card destruction. They can seriously hinder Sima Yi's ability to acquire Endurance Tokens. 
 KingSima Yi is not a bad king choice, but this is not his best role. Sima Yi is negatively impacted by the extra unit of health because it makes it harder for him to discard cards in his discard phase to gain Endurance Tokens. If the rebels are aggressive, however, Sima Yi can take several units of damage, gain several Endurance Tokens, then be able to discard more cards in his discard phase to get more Endurance Tokens.
 LoyalistSima Yi is an excellent loyalist. Sima Yi has several powerful abilities that can be used to kill rebels. Sima Yi greatly benefits from the three card bounty from killing rebels, as this gives him more cards to discard during his discard phase to acquire more Endurance Tokens that can be used during his extra turn granted by "Breaking Links."
 RebelSima Yi is an excellent rebel. His abilities are very useful when fighting the king and his loyalists.
 SpySima Yi is a powerful spy. He can gain extra turns when he kills other characters and do a large amount of damage in a short amount of time. This is very useful for a character who must keep the game balanced even when one side quickly gains an advantage.

Final Remarks:
Sima Yi is one of most powerful characters in the game, but he must be used correctly. Patience is key. Sima Yi should spend his first two turns doing nothing except discarding cards in his discard phases. He starts with four health and four hand cards. If he takes no damage and spends no cards, he can discard two cards in each discard phase, allowing him to acquire enough Endurance Tokens to activate "Promotion" on his third turn. It is often best not to respond to Barbarians, Hail of Arrows, or Attacks this wastes valuable cards that can be converted into Endurance Tokens. Remember that Sima Yi's maximum health level is reduced by one when he activates "Promotion," so it is not a big deal to lose one unit of health before activating this power. Once "Promotion" has been activated, be sure not to use all of your Endurance Tokens at one time. Also, save some hand cards to discard during your discard phase to acquire more Endurance Tokens. When the time is right, activate "Complete Kill" to ensure "Breaking Links" occurs. Try to only kill one enemy per turn so "Breaking Links" can be activated multiple times in succession.