God Sima Yi 5
Sima Yi 司马懿
Genius of Good and Evil 仙魔之鬼才

Guards 逆天
At the beginning of his turn, Sima Yi can move any delayed tools placed on him to any other player.

Ghost Road 鬼道
Sima Yi can discard a black card to take a delay tool from any player and put it in his hand.

Director 坐阵
Whenever Sima Yi uses an escape, he draws a card.

Dark Power 鬼力
Whenever any player does a judgment, Sima Yi can discard a hand card to make that player reattempt their judgment.
  • For "Dark Power", Sima Yi can forced someone to retry their judgment for either outcome.  If it initially past or initially failed is irrelevant.  When he does this, it is in the normal order of judgment tinkering.