God Lu Bu
God Lu Bu 吕布
Way of Asura 修罗之道

Violence 狂暴
At the beginning of the game, Lu Bu gets two Rage Tokens. For every unit of damage he causes or receives, he acquires another Rage Token.

No Planning 无谋
When Lu Bu uses a non-delay tool, he must discard one Rage Token or lose one health.

Unprecedented 无前
During his turn, Lu Bu can spend two Rage Tokens and select a player. For the rest of the turn, the target's armor is ignored and Lu Bu Matchless for the remainder of this turn.

Divine Anger 神愤
Once per turn, Lu Bu can discard six Rage Tokens. Lu Bu then deals one unit of damage to each of the other players. Then, everyone else's equipment is discarded. Next, all other characters must discard four hand cards. Finally, Lu Bu flips his character card.
  • Note that "Violence" is activated on a 'per-damage' basis. If Lu Bu successfully Attacks another character with Wine (or if another character successfully Attacks Lu Bu with Wine), he will acquire two Rage Tokens.
  • When Lu Bu loses health from "No Planning," he does not gain a Rage token. "Violence" is not activated when Lu Bu receives negligence damage.
  • When Diao Chan activates "Sow Discord" on Lu Bu and forces the other character to play the first Attack, Lu Bu must choose to either discard one Rage Token or suffer one unit of negligence damage as per "No Planning."
  • "Matchless" is the ability of normal Lu Bu. When Lu Bu targets another character with an Attack, the target must use an extra Escape (two instead of one) to avoid damage. Also, when Lu Bu participates in a Duel with another character, the target must use two Attacks per round instead of one.
  • When Lu Bu activates "Unprecedented," he has "Matchless" for the rest of the turn. While he only makes one enemy's armor ineffective, "Matchless" goes into effect against any character Lu Bu chooses to target. 
  • When Lu Bu targets another character with "Unprecedented," the targets armor is ineffective with respect to all cards played, not just Attacks. For example, if Lu Bu makes the Wood Armor ineffective, the target must play an Attack if Lu Bu plays Barbarians.
  • When Lu Bu uses "Divine Anger," he draws one Rage Token for each player he damages.
  • When Lu Bu activates "Divine Anger," the three effects go into effect in the order listed. Each player is affected in sequence, starting from Lu Bu's right.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • With five units of health, Lu Bu is very robust.
  • "Violence" is useful because it activates when Lu Bu receives or deals damage. He can gain Rage Tokens very quickly.
  • "Divine Anger" is very powerful. Not only does it deal damage to the rest of the characters, he also destroys most, if not all of their cards, leaving them open for more damage.
  • "No Planning" causes major problems for Lu Bu. If Lu Bu's enemies have Negates, it is futile for Lu Bu to even try to use a tool card.
  • "Unprecedented" is rarely worth using. In order to make it worthwhile, Lu Bu would have to target an enemy with an Attack with Wine. 
  • "Divine Anger" damages all of the other characters, friend and foe alike. Also, Lu Bu flips his character card after this ability is completed. 

Notable Combinations:
  • Cao Pi - Cao Pi's "Exile" can be used to re-flip Lu Bu immediately when Lu Bu activates "Divine Anger" and mitigate one of the biggest weaknesses of this ability.
  • Demigod Cao Cao - When Lu Bu activates "Divine Anger," Cao Cao can activate "Tribute." He will more than likely gain enough cards to more than adequately mitigate the part of the power that requires the victims to discard four hand cards. If these two are on the same team, they will have a beneficial relationship. Otherwise, Cao Cao will have an advantage against Lu Bu.
  • Fa Zheng/Xiahou Dun/Sima Yi - These characters have retaliatory abilities that they can activate when Lu Bu activates "Divine Anger."
 KingLu Bu is a serviceable, but not outstanding king choice. The rebels will probably deal a lot of damage to him, allowing him to acquire many Rage Tokens. However, "Divine Anger" is dangerous to Lu Bu's loyalists.
 LoyalistSima Yi is a mediocre loyalist. "Divine Anger" is powerful against rebels, but this ability cannot be used if the king is weak. This ability will force the king to lose most if not all of his cards, leaving him open to the rebels. Lu Bu would have to be careful to ensure that king will still have the upper hand when he uses this ability. 
 RebelLu Bu is a good rebel choice. "Divine Anger" is a powerful tool for damaging the king and destroying his cards. Also, Lu Bu does not have to worry as much about killing teammates because he will enjoy a three card bounty if he kills other rebels.
 SpyLu Bu is a mediocre spy. His primary method of damaging other players, "Divine Anger," damages all other players. This is not bad if they teams are evenly balanced, but this ability may only magnify the problem if one team has an advantage against the other.

Final Remarks:
Unfortunately, Lu Bu is one of the weaker demigod characters. "No Planning" is very aggravating and "Unprecedented" is more often than not too expensive for the potential benefits. When using Lu Bu, it is often best to 'absorb' damage from Barbarians and Hail of Arrows to acquire Rage Tokens. Be patient when deciding to use "Divine Anger." When possible, save Attacks and damaging tool cards like Barbarians until after "Divine Anger" has been used to maximize damage, as the other characters will not have the cards to defend themselves.

Alternate Appearances:
God Lu Bu 2